Landscapes Prints


Landscape Prints

These are inspired from the area around where I live. They are portraits of the land and trees that I have known for many years. Their familiarity makes them feel like old friends. Some of the trees I have drawn are old and suffered over the years from the harsh environment – fires caused by arsonists and land clearance. I am trying to make a record of them before they all disappear. I think this is my favourite place which restores the calm and is a refuge in a busy and hectic life. Some of the prints have been made using the drypoint etching  – using a pointy tool, I scratch lines into etching plastic and print my images onto damp paper made from rag using my etching press. And the collagraph technique – creating collage on card to make a textured surface which hols onto the ink. The prints are a little unpredictable which are part of the fun. I ink each print differently so each one is unique.