Commission a Portrait

Commission an Animal Portrait

My portraits are using oil paint on canvas or pastel on paper and I work from photos. Below you will some useful advice on how to photograph your pet. You can see examples of my work in the galleries above or click here.

Photography Tips
It is very important to have a good photograph to work from. The quality of my portrait will be dependent on your photos.
The best possible lighting is achieved outside or by a window. If you are outside avoid direct sunlight as this will make your pet squint and also you will have dark shadows on the face and the colouring of fur will not be true. If the sun is out, put your pet in the shade and have the light source behind you.
The best day is a bright overcast day . Make sure the light source is behind you. Check where the sun would be if it were out and then stand with your back to it.
If you have to take your photo indoors, then in a light room near the window and by morning light is best. (your back to the window and your pet facing the window). Try to avoid using the flash.
The best position of your pet is to have yourself right down at the same level of your pet. Photos pointing down don’t look right. If need be lay down. Also take a few over a number of days to avoid your pet looking fed up.
Please use a proper camera or a modern mobile smart phones to take good photos. At the moment iPad cameras are not so good especially in low light. 

Commissioning a Portrait
If you are interested in having a dog portrait painted, then please contact me to discuss your requirements. I will require a 25% deposit in advance. Prices below are an indication of what I charge but the price will be subject to medium, size and number of dogs. I am very happy to come and take the photos for you if you are in the local area of Godalming in Surrey. There may be a small charge for mileage.

Pencil drawings – These can be any size. See above for some useful information about how to get the best photograph of your pet.

Oil – (1 dog) (2 dogs)
12×12 £300 £400
16×16 £350 £450

Drawings in pencil or pastel
Pencil  (1 dog) (2 dogs)
               £50     £80

I will try and keep the postage to a minimum and will quote you a price when ordering your picture and will reflect the service they require ie signed for, courier, first or second class etc.