Daisy - Bichon frise - conte crayons on pastel paper
I am an artist who lives in the South of England in Surrey. I trained as a fine art painter at Falmouth School of Art in Cornwall. My time is divided between teaching and painting. My animal portrait commissions are rewarding and I like to capture the life in the eyes and a true likeness.
Another passion is to paint landscapes, and I am never without a sketchbook always looking for neglected corners unseen by the majority. I like to make many small studies which I call ‘chatterings’ that build up to a whole conversation which leads to the final piece of work. Recently I have discovered printmaking and have been exploring linocuts and drypoint etchings. These are very exciting as each print can be inked differently making each image interesting and unique. And this has spilled over into my dog portraits and love of landscape. You can see some examples of all these in the galleries above.